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Hello everyone! This is my beautiful cousin, Kolton. He has Nager syndrome. It affects the shape of his face and hands. When he was very little, he couldn’t breathe and so they had to do an emergency trachea. Kolton has had over 13 surgeries trying to fix up his breathing and hearing habits. He eventually got to get rid of the trachea but the hole is still there. He has a hearing aid inserted through his skull. His hands are deformed, and as you can tell, his face is too. But let me tell you a couple of things about him. He’s smart, his brain works JUST fine, he plays piano, beats me in every single video game, loves Disney, and is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. But lately, Kolton’s been very upset and crabby. He gets made fun of on a daily basis, he gets stared at constantly, and he avoids looking in the mirror at all costs. This is my appreciation post for him. If you think he’s a handsome and wonderful young man, please like or reblog this and I’ll show him how much people actually do care, and how there are so many kind and nice people in the world who wouldn’t stare at him and wouldn’t call him names. He really needs this right now. Thanks, lovelies! 

Who can resist blogging this cutie pie Disnerd? Stay strong Kolton, you have a huge network of friends here for you <3

Hi Kolton! ::waves::

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Hey kolton! Keep your head up boy! Your incredible!!!
Perfect texture. I took a short cut with the caramel sauce. #Flan
Whole brisket. Smoking. Texas summers.

You’re allowed to be anything.

You’re not allowed to let it destroy you.


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Making Wheat Bread.

Buttermilk Pops (Steel City Pops Copycat Recipe)

I must attempt as these popsicles are fight worthy good; thank you to this blogger for sharing!

A few weeks ago…she decided to switch up my Bieber.
Probiotic life.

"this ground smells really.. JUST KIDDING CHECK DIS BITCHES"

bleu dew


my mom got me a card

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So, this just happened backstage.
President Obama and David Karp are about to kick off a Q&A on college affordability live from the White House. Tune in at 4 p.m. ET at

Lupita Nyong’o hits the beach in Wailea, Hawaii on June 4, 2014 

I did not know Lupita had such a hot, healthy body - not paper thin but ah-mazing.  #HT